More great Thunderbid extensions!

After I made the move from mutt, which is one of the most customizable email tools for power users, one of the features I missed the most was ignore & unignore statements, which allow you to control what headers get shown. For a while I have been using a button/extension called “View Headers Toggle Button”, then I found mnenhy, which allows you to pick & choose which headers you get to view in the normal email reading window. Class.

Other people fixing Microsoft’s mess again..

I’ve just moved jobs, to a predominantly Microsoft shop, so I’m getting used to using Outlook & Exchange again, after about a 5 year break. Exchange always had it’s good points, but some of those good points come with nasties, the whole calendaring & scheduling thing is great, although you have to use Outlook (or OWA) to take advantage of any of it, and there’s the rub, Outlook as an email client is woeful, top-posting is just plain wrong & stupid.

Luckily, some lovely person has created a piece of software that fixes this terrible design decision (a design decision that would take 10min to fix if somebody in Microsoft could be bothered to accept that what they have doen is wrong!)

So, Dominik Jain, I salute you, you can find Dominik’s wonderful piece of software here:, It’s called Outlook-Quotefix.