Bruce Perens & Richard Stallman to visit Belfast!

Book a date in your diaries folks, if you’re in Belfast, or can get to Belfast on the 16th March, you now have somewhere to be: foss means business, big thanks to Ciaran O’Riordan & co for setting this up. Others have also blogged on this, so here’s some linkage to help google 🙂 DW, Paul Gregg, Indymedia Ireland, Bagel Belly Blog, eWeek

OpenBox & fbpanel

I have an old laptop (PII-400Mhz, 196Mb RAM, it’s small & light, which is why I still keep it around), it used to run Debian Woody just fine, I wiped it recently and dropped Debian Sarge on to it, it just seemed sluggish, I reckoned it couldn’t cope with all the new graphical schmuck in the new GNOME release.

One of the things I liked about Sawfish/Sawmill was the pack window feature, I can be quite keyboard orientated and liked to be able to bounce windows round without have to jump for the mouse.

Well, I tried Ion, FluxBox, BlackBox etc, but discovered that OpenBox has a MoveToEdgeEast (& West, South & North!), which I quickly mapped to Ctrl-Alt-Right etc, and hey presto, it was like being at home again…

All I then needed was some kind od task bar, fbpanel seems to fit the job so far!

Both are in Debian, so no hacking around building from source 🙂

“Mad World”

I was watching CSI last night, the song they opened & closed the show was quite cool and hit my current mood spot on (sound wise, not quite lyric wise..), so I did some googling & discovered that it was a cover of a Tears for Fears song, Mad World, the cover was by Gary Jules, you can hear & see it here.

More software for when Microsoft let you down

Why why why can’t you burn ISO images without having to BUY tools…well, you don’t, if you know where to look

Update: 2007/12/04

I needed to burn a DVD ISO today, and ISORECORDER doesn’t do this, so I had a quick search, and there are a few options:

Funny Images in IE on a Widescreen machine

My dad has a Dell Inspiron 6000, which I use every now and then, one of the things that has really bugged me about it jaggy images in IE (they are being scaled or something), I did some poking about today (we’re are babysitting at there house..) and found this:

I found it here:
He had is DPI set to 120.