Thunderbird Essentials – Revisted.

I wrote this some time ago, Thunderbird has moved on quite a bit since then (I’m now running on my XP laptop), so here’s a quick roundup on the Add-ons/Extensions installed:

  • British English Dictionary
    Hey, colour has a u in it.
  • GMailUI
    mostly just so that I can use j/k to navigate around
  • Lightening
    Quickly check my published calendars (also see this: exchange to ics).
  • Mnenhy
    Mostly so that I can see what SpamAssassin (personal) or PureMessage (work) has thought of the email.
  • Nostalgy
    The major time saver for me these days, rapid filing of email, works well across IMAP accounts.

I was having various problems with GMailUI & Keyconfig not playing together properly, but Nostalgy has largely removed my need for keyconfig, as the rapid filing using Nostalgy’s Save function is great.

History Meme

Following on from Mark and others, this is my VPS, not my Ubuntu desktop, laptop or MacBook…

simonm@mccartney:~$ uname -a
Linux #8 SMP Wed Sep 12 22:06:48 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux
simonm@mccartney:~$ history | awk '{a[$2]++}END{for(i in a){print a[i] " " i}}' | sort -rn | head
90 ls
73 cd
48 sudo
34 vi
17 svn
16 grep
13 cat
11 rm
8 cp
7 top

accelerometers: can they be used to work out what your doing?

So more & more devices are coming with accelerometers, can they be used to work out if I’m sitting, walking, driving, dancing (as if) etc? is there an API or SW toolkit to do this?  Should I write one and become a millionaire? [or just be lazy/evil & patent it :-)]

This though is brought to you by: The Reg

Exchange to ICS

I found this post Ryan Hadley a few days ago, which I got working with a little bit of time, I noticed that Thunderbird was displaying all-days events oddly, so I checked the VEVENT info being generated & tweaked to work correctly with Thunderbird/Lightening. I also dropped in the URL of the event in OWA & fixed it for situations where there are public & private names for the OWA/Exchange instance, handy when you want to go and amend an entry etc.

Hope you find it useful.