#c9d9 panel on Huge Scale Deployments

A few weeks back I had the great pleasure of joining a #c9d9 panel hosted by Sam Fell on Continuous Delivery in Huge Scale Deployments, alongside me were Andrew Siemer, Malcolm Isaacs & Seb Rose who all brought a wealth of practical experience on maintaining velocity in large environments, I thoroughly enjoyed it!  If Continuous Everything is your current boggle, go take a look at all of the past recordings & there post packed Continuous Delivery blog, it’s well worth a read!

Hacking about with Java class files

I’ve recently been involved in migrating some old JBoss web portal applications from one physical location to another, along the way there were some new security hurdles to jump, including moving all URLs from http to https.

One of the components in this service had a hard coded URL to the http address.  We could have fixed this with an Apache rewrite rule, but the security folks would still have been on our backs.  The source code is long lost (AFAIK) and it probably would have taken ages to create a suitable build environment anyways.

What I needed was a class file editor.  CafeBabe to the rescue! More details here.  This great little tool allowed be to edit the String in the class file, all I needed to do then was rebuild the jar file, stop JBoss, slip it into the filesystem over the old JAR with the bad url in it, restart JBoss & hey presto!

Best Ruby on Rails tutorial yet

Kudos to Tom Rossi over at the www.themolehill.com, where I have just read one of the best intro’s to RoR yet, simple, clean & informative.

Many of the articles I have read over recent months either work too hard at showing how quickly you can do stuff, or how brief Ruby is, without giving the detail to help put the pieces of the puzzle together. (i.e. I’m a system admin coder/hacker, I know what MVC is, but I’ve never used it in anger, I’m used to scripting out problems & fiddling with databases)
You can jump into the aricle here.

Ditching Windows – again..

I changed jobs back in October 2005, and became a Microsofty again (well, only on my work laptop), at the weekend I lost it again and ditched XP in favour of Ubuntu Edgy Eft, ‘cos getting Debian on a laptop and getting all the funky bits working is just too much like hardwork.

One of the companies I work for uses OWA for all non-corporate laptop email access.

OWA for Ex2k3 sucks on anything but IE. Some kind soul has scripted up an IE6 installation using Wine. Love it.