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Fear of the-phone-ringing|opening-your-email 0

Fear of the-phone-ringing|opening-your-email

Is it right that you should live in dread of the phone ringing? Or opening your email? I’m not talking about being stalked, or chased by creditors. I’m talking about the latest communication from...

Writing, Briefly 0

Writing, Briefly

My job seems to have morphed into writing a lot and not doing a lot[1], while distracting myself from something I should have been doing, I stumbled on this: Writing, Briefly, from Paul Graham....

Joel does it again 0

Joel does it again

Joel Spolsky has an excellent set of brief articles on management styles in IT (focused on software developement, but I believe the comments apply across the board for creative technology[1] roles) They are as...

Change of scene.. 2

Change of scene..

On the 15th July I jumped on a place (well, two planes, and jumped is hardly right, as easyJet stung me an extra £40 for being over weight[1]) and headed to Durham, North Carolina,...

Can’t being too badly! 0

Can’t being too badly!

I’m in Paris for the week, staying in the Holiday Inn Opera, I’m here for a course on a new service we are going to be offering..