• Mate’s new site…just9s

    My longtime friend & ever patient part-time Audi Engineer has taken the plunge and gone online: http://www.just9s.plus.com/
  • More in-car PC pics

    Some pics of somebody using simalar kit to mine to great effect..http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-11382_7-6279853-3.html?tag=smgif, I’m sure if I had enough money to buy a F355, I’d have enough free time to finish my project 🙂
  • Damned car….

    …if I ever get my A4 back on the road, I’ve just seen how I can redo the dash Article here You see I have an in-dash touchscreen, a DWW-7VGT from Digital World Wide, of course, they now have a motorized version..