• Portadown – Open Source Hotspot

    I’m just back from the Open Source Solution Centre’s Information Evening at the Seagoe Hotel, Daniel Bled has obviously worked hard at sharing his passion for open source software, he and the rest of the team from Southern Regional College & InvestNI put on an evening they should be proud of. Daniel did a sterling job of trying to convey the Open Source philosophy to the gathered non-technical, business oriented audience.
  • The NHS Works

    The NHS gets a lot of flack from all sorts of sources, and the media tend to delight in hi-lighting the terrible experiences people have had with the NHS, including horror stories about people being left in trolleys in A&E, people not being able to get access to Doctors out of hours Over Christmas, my 15 month old daughter caught a nasty virus/cold that knocked her for six, and we ended up calling our local surgery out-of-hours.
  • Resigned & Signed

    Today I resigned my post as Head of Technology for SLA Mobile and signed a contract with atg where I’ll be workin the eStara team.
  • There are two great silences…

    I saw this line in the Irish Times on Friday, it amused me greatly 🙂 “There are two great silences in life. One is the silence in a church before a funeral. The other is the silence in a pub, when the guards are outside.” –Packie Duignan
  • Fear of the-phone-ringing|opening-your-email

    Is it right that you should live in dread of the phone ringing? Or opening your email? I’m not talking about being stalked, or chased by creditors. I’m talking about the latest communication from the office. It’s not right that your heart drops when you have a missed call from somebody, or email from somebody.
  • Writing, Briefly

    My job seems to have morphed into writing a lot and not doing a lot1, while distracting myself from something I should have been doing, I stumbled on this: Writing, Briefly, from Paul Graham. A good read. Although I’d break stuff up more than he does/has in that article 🙂

  • Bright Ideas II: Photo Tagging

    I use a mix of photo gallery software, I use Flickrfor some things, notable stuff that’s public for other people to use, I also use Fuzzy Monkey‘s My Photo Gallery, which is simple, but has some neat features (like auto thumbnail generation, keeps photos and thumbnails seperate, allowing me to use Unison/rsync to keep my online photos in sync with an offline copy, simple passwording etc). But I’m beginning to dig tagging, so I hoked about for some web gallery software that does this, and there seems to be a real shortage, I found Originaland a modificationof it that supports tagging, but it mix of php � python, and I couldn’t get my head round all of the Python.