I’m building an offsite digital vault, so that my current employers can stream all our backups to this box which will be based about 100 miles from our current office. Here’s some notes on what will be required to get Debian Sarge up and running on Supermicro H8DAR Opteron mobo with a pair of 3Ware 9000 SATA cards. (we’re using a 16 disk, 3u box from PCI Case, which is a great box, but with hind sight, our mobo suppliers, Boston, do a rather nice 3u 16 disk dual opteron box with 3Ware cards, all for abou 300ukp more that we bought the parts, a much better solution..)

Anyways, getting Debian Sarge on this box might be tricky, so I’ve been doing some reading � prep work: