Over the last week I’ve been working on kitchen-salt, a SaltStack provisioner for Test Kitchen, this allows you to perform integration testing on salt-formula. Test Kitchen will create a VM (through Vagrant, LXC, OpenStack, ec2 etc), install a version of salt of your choosing, apply a given set of states & then optionally allow you to perform some automated validation of the states via the supported testing frameworks (bats, serverspec etc).

The tests can all be run from your workstation, but we’ve also just started plugging this into our CI system, so that changes are gated on a successful test run, hopefully preventing bad states ever making it into a branch.

I’ve started a walkthrough of setting up a working Test Kitchen environment & adding a test-kitchen support to an existing formula, you can see it here: https://github.com/saltstack/kitchen-salt/blob/master/docs/gettingstarted.md

kitchen-salt supports multiple salt install vectors (apt & bootstrap, apt allows you to specify a version & repo to pull from) & setting of pillars & state_top. Test Kitchen allows you to define suites of tests, and you can change the pillars, state_top and installed version of salt per suite too, so you can test many different scenarios.

You can find the full project here: https://github.com/saltstack/kitchen-salt

Looking forward to some feedback & hopefully some PR’s I’m not going to SaltConf, but I will be at @cfgmgmtcamp in Gent in a few weeks, see you soon!

2019-02-17: kitchen-salt was adopted by SaltStack and is now under their ownership, links here updated, many thanks to SaltStack for taking care of kitchen-salt for me ;-)