I’ve just rebuilt my laptop (a combination of McAfee Whole Disk Encryption slowing the current build down & a Crucial ReadSSD 128Gb that was too cheap to resist forced me to, honest guv), so it’s time to refresh & re-document the essential software list:

  1. Windows 7 Professional 64bit
  2. VistaSwitcher (better alt-tab)
  3. WindowSpace (snap windows to screen edges & other windows, extended keyboard support for moving/resizing)
  4. Launchy
  5. Thunderbird6
    1. Lightning (required for work calendars)
    2. OBET
    3. Provider for Google Calendar (so I can see my personal calendar)
    4. Google Contacts (sync sync sync)
    5. Mail Redirect (bounce/redirect email to a ticketing system)
    6. Nostalgy (move/copy mail to different folders from the keyboard)
    7. Phoenity Shredder or Littlebird (the default theme is a bit slow, these are lighter and quicker)
    8. Hacked BlunderDelay & mailnews.sendInBackground=true
  6. Chrome + Xmarks
  7. Xmarks for IE
  8. Evernote
  9. Dropbox & Dropbox Folder Sync
  10. PuTTY (remember to export HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareSimonTathamPuTTYSessions)
  11. WinSCP
  12. Pidgin + OTR
  13. gVim
  14. Cisco AnyConnect (main work VPN)
  15. Cisco VPNClient (backup & OOB VPN)

I think that’s it for now.