Public Speaking

    There should be enough here to persuade you that you can probably find somebody better than me. Rapid Web Services integration with Rails (Slides) MySQL Replication slides from BarCamp Belfast 2010 (Slides) (very old now, we’re now using Galera Clustering, I helped author the percona-galera cookbook discussed here.) WRR DNS with PowerDNS Nagios/Icinga (Slides) stack-kicker (Slides / Video) Consumerism V Craft: (Slides / Video)


    You can reach me by email at, I’m on Twitter as simonmcc, my LinkedIn profile is here and you can get me on Facebook here. Social enough? You could always just try phoning me on +44 7710 836 915


    Fiat Uno – died in an accident at the junction of Lambeg Road & River Road in Lisburn Peugeot 309 3dr Peugeot 306 XT – stolen from the Corporation Street car park by some scum bag, with a load of engagement gifts in it 🙁 VW Golf MKII – in gold, with lots of rust & horse hair seats given to the local scrap yard! 1995 Audi A4 Saloon 1.


    First computer, TI-99/4A, bought around 1983/4, as it was EOL shortly after we got it! Followed by an Amstrad CPC 464 Followed by an Amstrad 1512 FD/HD, bought from a dealer in Comber Followed by an IBM 486 machine that shipped with Windows 3.1 Home built Pentium-130 (Abit mobo, Matrox graphics, massive 17″ Dell CRT) Shuttle XPC SNxxx


    This is me. I’m a husband, father, technology fan, car enthusiast, eclectic music collector, Manx man and beer fan. I was born on the Isle of Man, but grew up in Northern Ireland, where I still live with my wife. I’ve travelled the world for work and pleasure, but mostly work. I work for a Nothern Ireland-based technology company specialising in mobile content delivery platforms. Simon McCartney