I used an old Blackberry 5820 for a while, I was working on a project that took advantage of it’s Java environment, GPRS connectivity & a serial port to verify single use barcodes for event promotion, I was quite taken with the email on the go, it’s much slicker that IMAP/POP3 on your Phone over WAP or a crap email tool on the phone (I’ve had several Sone Ericssons, T68i, T610 & T630, they have a mail tool which is useable, but not very..)

On the other hand, I’ve been a Palm user for yonks, I started with a Handspring Visor, moving to a troublesome m505 and now have a trusty Tungsten T. The last time it was phone upgrade time I was very tempted to get a Treo 650, but they hadn’t been released in the UK at the time, importing was going to be very expensive. They’ve since been released in the UK and a couple of the guys in the office are looking at getting one…and the found this:


Damn, I so need a treo now…