There are lots of different ways of tracking a project (i.e. a list of tasks, dates, calendars, time frames, notes etc), with various tools (MS Project, Basecamp from 37Signals, Google Calendar, Horde and a gazillion other applications and online tools).

But so far not all of them manage the ideal all of all of the information everywhere. I would love to have the information spread acoss my PDA (Palm, online & offline), Laptop(Outlook, Thunderbird, online & offline) & web-based online access. Certain amounts of this can be done with SyncML, various sync tools & sites (Zyb, ScheduleWorld, Funambol). I like replication. Safety in numbers. Add into this the fact that I work in some awkward environments (I have my corporate laptop, with Outlook/Exchange, I have client sites where I only have OWA, and sometimes I want to get at the data when I’m out and about)

So, how to solve this problem? An application that supports various storage backends.

Tasks & Calendars that can save out details to Horde, Google, Exchange (over WebDAV/IMAP)