• Bright Ideas II: Photo Tagging

    I use a mix of photo gallery software, I use Flickrfor some things, notable stuff that’s public for other people to use, I also use Fuzzy Monkey‘s My Photo Gallery, which is simple, but has some neat features (like auto thumbnail generation, keeps photos and thumbnails seperate, allowing me to use Unison/rsync to keep my online photos in sync with an offline copy, simple passwording etc). But I’m beginning to dig tagging, so I hoked about for some web gallery software that does this, and there seems to be a real shortage, I found Originaland a modificationof it that supports tagging, but it mix of php � python, and I couldn’t get my head round all of the Python.
  • Business Idea #1: In airport WiFi flight updates

    So your sitting the departure lounge of one of the “silent” airports, like most airports these days are, and all the seats facing the departure screens (the ones telling you which gate to go to..) are full, so you grab a seat else where, whip out the laptop like you were going to anyway, logonto the local WiFi provider, and as part of the service, you get a little ticker telling you about the flights, you could even tell it about your flight so that it only bugs you when your flight is being called!