• Change of scene..

    On the 15th July I jumped on a place (well, two planes, and jumped is hardly right, as easyJet stung me an extra £40 for being over weight1) and headed to Durham, North Carolina, for a couple of months, work offered me an exciting opertunity, and after some discussions with my wife, we took it, she joined me here a week later. Her work has been good enough to let her take some extended leave so she can spend the time with me out here, she joind me out here a week later.
  • Auntie has a blog!

    I’ve just discovered that my auntie has a blog! It’s part of the website for their B&B, Carno House, how cool is that! Great work Auntie Hilda!
  • Memory Deterioration

    As my mother would say (sarcasticly) “sad in one so you”. I have a terrible memory, I forget things very easily (luckily my wife has the patients of a saint!), I’ve been finding a lot of interesting blogs recently & have been merrily using Blogroll It! to add them to my blog for easy reference. I’ve just discovered that I hadn’t been selecting my Blogroll as the destination, so all the links I added recently have just disappeared 🙁 I also have no idea what links I have just lost.
  • My sister’s amazing life

    My sister works with autistic children, she is a clinician for CEATNI, Centre for Early Autism Treatment, there website has just gone live here: www.ceatni.net The work Kirsty does is amazing, I really don’t know how she does it, it’s beyond me. Much respect K. Love Si.