I’m a regular reader of the Internet Storm Center Handlers Diary, there have been some recent mentions of the DShield project, where you can upload your router/firewall logs to there central monitoring system, so that they can gather stats & produce reports on the ebb & flow of certain attacks and probes. They also a scheme called FightBack:

DShield.org is now helping users to fight back against attackers. We will analyze submitted log reports and pick a number of strong cases to forward them to the ISP from which the attack originated. A copy of the abuse report will be forwarded to the user.

So after reporting an abuse IP to the ISP, they ISP admins can do something about the user, as well as update you with how they responded:

Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 16:25:43 -0500

This user has been locked in the trunk of a 1980 Cadillac along with his PC and has been driven up and down a very bumpy road for several hrs and we believe that the problem is now resolved.

Thank you for the report

You can see more of the results from the FightBack here. See, us admin types aren’t all dried up crusty types…