I was travelling back from Paris today, so I checked out of the hotel and headed towards the nearest Metro station to buy a ticket to CDG, actually I was contemplating only getting a ticket as far as Gard du Nord, dropping my bags there and doing a little sight seeing/shopping, when a local (we’ll, I assume he was local..) saw me stuck at the automatic ticket machine. He asked if I was going to the airport and showed me that I could buy a ticket that took me the whole way to CDG, I already knew this, but didn’t fancy trying to explain that I only wanted to go as far as Gard du Nord at this point, so I gratiously accepted his advice and proceeded to try and buy my ticket.

I had already decided to get rid of all my schrapnel (change..) by buying the ticket with all 20c & 50c coins I had gathered over the last week, so I started to pump them into the machine, when I get to 20 coins (almost what i needed to buy the ticket!) the bloody machine spat all my coins out, there is a 20 coin limit!

My friendly native was still watching over me and found my attempt to get rid of my change amusing, and then stood forward and paid for my ticket with his metro card, at which point I handed him all my change! I don’t know if he thought I was down to the change in my pocket and bought me my ticket, either way I got my ticket & got rid of the change!