I used to be a big mutt fan, but with the growing amount of HTML mail I recieve, it became too much of a chore, combined with the fact that IMAP offline support is a bit kludgy (I’ve used both isync & offlineimap) I abandoned mutt some time ago and move to Thunderbird.

Thunderbird has better offline IMAP support, but it’s very mouse driven, but there are some handy extensions that can make it easier to use from the keyboard. I’m using GMailUI and keyconfig. GMailUI gives you j/k support, and single key archive (these are UI features lifted from GMail, but we all know that they came from vi/mutt originally)

I don’t use Thunderbird’s spam filters, I have a sendmail/cyrus/spamassassin mail setup, and I keep it trained using folders on the IMAP server, this also means that the rest of my family should get the benefit of my spam training.

A shorter version of this is that I want to press a single key to move a mail to a certain folder, without invoking Thunderbird Junk Mail stuff.

keyconfig to the rescue!

  • Install keyconfig
  • Open the keyconfig menu (Tools, Keyconfig)
  • Click “Add a new key”
  • Call it what you like (mine is MoveToJunk)
  • Enter the following code:


    Where simon@mccartney.ie is the name of the IMAP account I’m using and Junk is a subfolder of the Inbox (as far as Cyrus is concerned, everything is a subfolder of the Inbox, unlike other IMAP systems).

    • Click OK
    • Assign a key against it (I use Shift-J, which meant I also had to un-map the existing Junk Control keys using keyconfig, look As Junk & As Not Junk and click reset.
    • Ahhh, keyboard heaven!