I have an old laptop (PII-400Mhz, 196Mb RAM, it’s small & light, which is why I still keep it around), it used to run Debian Woody just fine, I wiped it recently and dropped Debian Sarge on to it, it just seemed sluggish, I reckoned it couldn’t cope with all the new graphical schmuck in the new GNOME release.

One of the things I liked about Sawfish/Sawmill was the pack window feature, I can be quite keyboard orientated and liked to be able to bounce windows round without have to jump for the mouse.

Well, I tried Ion, FluxBox, BlackBox etc, but discovered that OpenBox has a MoveToEdgeEast (& West, South & North!), which I quickly mapped to Ctrl-Alt-Right etc, and hey presto, it was like being at home again…

All I then needed was some kind od task bar, fbpanel seems to fit the job so far!

Both are in Debian, so no hacking around building from source 🙂