Even though been having some issues with OpenNMS, I was very glad to see this:

From: Tarus Balog

To: opennms-announce@lists.sourceforge.net

Subject: [opennms-announce] OpenNMS Named Winner of the Best Systems Management Tools Category at LinuxWorld


I thought you might enjoy one the following press releases. Thanks

for helping to create the community that makes OpenNMS possible. Give

yourself a round of applause.

PITTSBORO, NC – 9 August 2005 – OpenNMS has won a Product Excellence

Award at the LinuxWorld Conference and Expo being held in San

Francisco. The open-source network management application was chosen

as the winning solution in the “Best Systems Management Tools” Category.

OpenNMS was chosen out of a field that included IBM’s Tivoli

Intelligent Orchestrator, Novell’s ZENWorks 7 Linux Management

product and Userful’s DiscoverStation.

OpenNMS is the first enterprise-grade network management product to

be developed using the open-source model. It was designed from day

one to be able to monitor tens of thousands of devices from a single

instance of the application, and it aims to offer a better

alternative to expensive commercial products such as Hewlett-

Packard’s OpenView, Micromuse Netcool, and IBM’s Tivoli. The software

is freely available and is supported by an international community of

users and developers.

The current development release, known as version 1.3.0, includes

enhancements such as support for SNMP version 3, the ability to

monitor JMX-based application servers such as JBoss, and improved

event management through the use of alarm reduction.


The OpenNMS Project (http://www.opennms.org) is dedicated to creating

the defacto enterprise-grade network management platform using the

open-source model. It is supported and maintained by The OpenNMS

Group (http://www.opennms.com) which provides services, support,

training and custom development for OpenNMS. The OpenNMS Group is

headquartered near the Research Triangle Park in Pittsboro, North

Carolina, with contributors from all over the world.

For more information, contact Tarus Balog at 919-545-2553 or via e-

mail at tarus@opennms.org.

OpenNMS is a trademark of The OpenNMS Group, Inc. All other

trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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