So I’ve had Debian Unstable on the laptop for a week or two now and I think I’ve finished all the config/migrate work. I’ve got the wireless card working (using ipw2100 & waproamd, I tried wpasupplicant, but I only need WEP and WEP is broken for wpasuplicant & ipw2100’s), gprs over bluetooth and the the built-in modem (using sl-modem-daemon & sl-modem-source). I haven’t got suspend working at all, for disk or memory. Applying the patches to straight kernel sources or debian-patched kernel sources seems way to hard, it looks like I’ll have to have a look at bitkeeper and pull a patched kernel dtraight from the suspend2 guys. Here’s a quick rundown of my original requirements and how I’ve met them:

  • Multiple network access methods (wired, wireless, gprs) all to work smoothly

    _(RealTek RTL8139 support in kernel, ipw2100 support from, bluez, rfcomm & pppd are all that’s needed for gprs)_

    • Offline Email

      _(Thunderbird’s clunky offline support will do for now)_

      • Offline Network Shares

        _(hmm, not quite there yet on this, probably going ti endup using rsync/drsync/unison to sync directories)_

        • VPN Access (currently we use SSH for crude but effective VPN access, IPSec is on it’s way, as is Citrix SG if I ever get a chance!)

          _(OpenSSH, need I say more? Need to look at using OpenSWAN with 2.6 IPSec…)_

          • Proper wordprocessing & spreadsheet tools, this pretty much means Word & Excel, as we’re stuck in the “that’s what everybody else is using” rut.

            _(One of my collegues was using CrossOver Office, I was mightly impressed and looked at using Wine and then CrossOver, which is a whole $40, which is nothing, so I’m running the CrossOver eval and will get the full product in due course!)_

            • Encryptable disk space & Cross platform encryptable USB stick support.

              (I’ve been looking at Jetico’s BestCrypt, I have been using it under XP and was quite impressed, however when I took my encrypted volume from XP & tried to open it under Linux, it complained bitterly) So, getting there, I need to get suspend of some form working…