I have a tricky problem on a Solaris/Veritas/Dell-EMC cluster I’m working on. The Solaris machines need to be rebooted twice to be able to use a LUN presented from the SAN. Now I’m not sure where the problem lies, I think the first reboot is for Solaris to see the devices, once you can see the devices you can use EMC’s PowerPath tools (powermt) to determine the managed device for the LUN (this is managed in that powerpath presents you with a virtual device, usually something like /dev/rdsk/emcpowerXX, access to this device is used to load balance access across the physical paths to the SAN, and handle when a path my become unavailable).

Once the virtual device is there, you then need to put a VTOC on the device so that Veritas Volume Manager can see the device, it can’t use it until you reboot tho’, which is a major grumble. VEA shows the disk as “Not Setup”, it won’t allow you to Initialize the disk until the box has been rebooted.

After the reboot, VEA will show the disk as “Not Initialized”, you can now use the disk (i.e. Add it to a Disk Group etc)

The SAN is all Dell/EMC based, which means it runs on Windows, can you imagine the flack I’m getting from the Windows boys over having to reboot twice to use a LUN!

A little more detail on the setup:

  • Solaris 9 on SPARC, (V440’s & V880)

    (HBA cards are Sun badged Qlogic cards)

    • Veritas Cluster Server 4.0 , VxVM 4.0
      • Dell/EMC SAN, using Navisphere & PowerPath on Solaris for management.