I have just left my job of the last 5+ years, we went out to Auntie Annies for beer & AM:PM for food to celebrate the occasion. Thank you to everybody who made the last 5 years interesting & enjoyable, it’s certainly been an experience! We endured the bursting bubble, the threat of redundancy, an MBO and many other things I’m sure. A double thanks to all those who turned up tonight and made my send off special, it really is much appreciated, even if you were all just there to make sure I really left this time (I tried to leave once before, in August 2001, it got as far as the card going round the office…but I was convinced other wise at the last moment!)

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

Time for pasture new.

UPDATE: Jonny has posted some pictures here: http://www.jfrancey.com/cpg134/thumbnails.php?album=46