I wrote this some time ago, Thunderbird has moved on quite a bit since then (I’m now running on my XP laptop), so here’s a quick roundup on the Add-ons/Extensions installed:

  • British English Dictionary

    Hey, colour has a u in it.

  • GMailUI

    mostly just so that I can use j/k to navigate around

  • Lightening

    Quickly check my published calendars (also see this: exchange to ics).

  • Mnenhy

    Mostly so that I can see what SpamAssassin (personal) or PureMessage (work) has thought of the email.

  • Nostalgy

    The major time saver for me these days, rapid filing of email, works well across IMAP accounts.

I was having various problems with GMailUI & Keyconfig not playing together properly, but Nostalgy has largely removed my need for keyconfig, as the rapid filing using Nostalgy’s Save function is great.