• Using GPRS Easy Connect 3.0.1 with Ubuntu 7.04 (Edgy Eft)

    I’ve been playing around with some cobbled together pppd � chat scripts to get my Novatel Wireless U630 working under Ubuntu, with a Vodafone UK Data SIM (I think most of the problmes come from VF UK’s DNS Servers being broken in some odd way) <p> I just kick this off with a &#8220;pppd debug vodafone-U630&#8221; in a root terminal window. </p> <div> PPS The Windows based Novatel tool is able to tell me all sorts of into about signal strength etc, as is the 3rd party tool MWConn, I wonder are there any specs around that would let us get similar info in a non-Windows environment?
  • Bright Ideas II: Photo Tagging

    I use a mix of photo gallery software, I use Flickrfor some things, notable stuff that’s public for other people to use, I also use Fuzzy Monkey‘s My Photo Gallery, which is simple, but has some neat features (like auto thumbnail generation, keeps photos and thumbnails seperate, allowing me to use Unison/rsync to keep my online photos in sync with an offline copy, simple passwording etc). But I’m beginning to dig tagging, so I hoked about for some web gallery software that does this, and there seems to be a real shortage, I found Originaland a modificationof it that supports tagging, but it mix of php � python, and I couldn’t get my head round all of the Python.
  • Unison, Cygwin & syncing stuff

    I have a Linux VPS account which I use for hosting this and some private photo collections [i.e. personal, not porn!] etc, I used to use Unisonto sync my photo directories between my Linux VPS and my Linux Laptop. I’m currently running Windows XP on my laptop, so I was looking for a way of syncing stuff with my off site storage again, after some playing around with different versions of Unison, I settled on running unison from withing Cygwin.
  • Cut & Shut (I’ve moved to WordPress from Movable Type)

    <p> <code>&lt;?php&lt;br /> require(‘wp-config.php’);<br /> header(‘Content-type: text/plain’);<br /> ?><br /> <MTEntries lastn="999999”><br /> Redirect Permanent /archives/<$MTArchiveDate format=”%Y/%m"$>/<MTArchiveFile><br /> http://www.mccartney.ie/wordpress/&lt;$MTArchiveDate format=”%Y/%m/%d"$>/<?php echo sanitize_title("<$MTEntryTitle$>"); ?></MTEntries><p align="left"> This generates a file that us suitable for using as a <code>.htaccess</code> file, making Apache redirect requests for the old MT URIs to the new WordPress URIs. For the category links, I&#8217;ve just hand crafted the lines, I only had a couple of categories. </p> <p style="font-style: italic;" align="left"> (In writing this post, I&#8217;ve discovered some of the problems with quoting PHP in a PHP based system, so I&#8217;ve started to read <a href="http://codex.
  • Windows Flaws, Mac OSX Advantages

    A good friend of mine, AlanP, sent me this link: http://www.roughlydrafted.com/Oct05.5Flaws.html, which is an interesting discussion design flaws in Windows 2000/XP that aren’t in Mac OSX.
  • SQL*Plus

    Here is a list of some of the most frequently used SQL*Plus commands: • ACCEPT – Get input from the user • DEFINE – Declare a variable (short: DEF) • DESCRIBE – Lists the attributes of tables and other objects (short: DESC) • EDIT – Places you in an editor so you can edit a SQL command (short: ED) • EXIT or QUIT – Disconnect from the database and terminate SQL*Plus
  • Radio 4 to mp3

    My wife asked me to see if I could get a copy of a BBC Radio 4 program into MP3 for her boss, the program was on the freedom of information act, called A Right to Know, you can listen to it here. The BBC make most of there radio content available under “Listen Again”, where you can stream it using Real Player, so I don’t feel too bad about ripping it.
  • Sun Opteron boxes

    C|Net have a good interview with Andy Bechtolsheim [Bechtolsheim’s machine dreams ]1
  • 3Ware fun

    I’m building an offsite digital vault, so that my current employers can stream all our backups to this box which will be based about 100 miles from our current office. Here’s some notes on what will be required to get Debian Sarge up and running on Supermicro H8DAR Opteron mobo with a pair of 3Ware 9000 SATA cards. (we’re using a 16 disk, 3u box from PCI Case, which is a great box, but with hind sight, our mobo suppliers, Boston, do a rather nice 3u 16 disk dual opteron box with 3Ware cards, all for abou 300ukp more that we bought the parts, a much better solution.
  • The Future of Mobility is Linux

    I try to keep a close eye on mobile phone technology, I’ve been invoved in some projects where phones & the GPRS network have been used for some very interesting applications, Russel Beattie has an interesting article on how Linux is now or is going to be the platform of choice, here. He also has a neat phrase “Linux is inexpensive, has no strategy tax (like Microsoft)”. Love it. Browsing through the rest of Russel’s notes, he has pod2mob, which looks interesting, but seems to be US centric, i.