• Buttons!

    I have some server based rules & spam training, so I need to drop any spam that hasn’t been caught in a specific folder, so that a it will get picked up by the server as spam and used to train the spam filter, the simplest way I’ve found of doing this in Thunderbird is using Buttons! to have a couple of shortcut folders on my toolbar, not quite as slick as a macro in mutt 🙂

    • Enigmail

      You want to sign your email? You want to encrypt it? Look no further for PKI signing & encryption

      • Mail Redirect

        Again, I’m trying to replace a Mutt feature I got used to, the ability to bounce mail as opposed to forward..

        • Mnenhy

          More Mutt, show me the headers I want to see!

          • Sync On Arrival

            Hmm, thunderbirds strong point over Mutt, built-in offline mode, although this little extension makes the offline mode a bit more useable.