• jBPM Community Day

    Friday 6th June 2008 was the first jBPM Community Day, held in the Guinness Store House in Dublin, this is practically on my doorstep, and as we’ve been looking at jBPM for some pilots recently, I couldn’t not go. The speakers on the day were Tom Baeyens, Joram Barrez, Paul Browne and Koen Aers. It was great to hear that jBPM is being used in all sort of environments, in some very large projects and most of all the direction of the project from the project leaders.
  • ssh-vulnkey

    There’s a flaw in ssh-vulnkey, it doesn’t always show you the name of the file with an offending blacklisted key in it. Here’s a couple of ways round this: For a small machine, inspect the files by hand: strace ssh-vulnkey -a 2>&1 | grep ^stat64| grep -v NOENT| cut -d” -f 2| sort | uniq | xargs vi Or, a little longer, using ssh-vulnkey to find all relevant keys & reprocess them displaying the filename & then the result of the ssh-vulnkey for the individual file:
  • Mobile Monday comes to Belfast

    I’m one of the speakers at the first Mobile Monday event in Belfast, I’m still working on my slides, I have a “tech” talk and a “business” talk, I may have to toss a coin to make the decision.
  • Exchange to ICS

    I found thispost Ryan Hadley a few days ago, which I got working with a little bit of time, I noticed that Thunderbird was displaying all-days events oddly, so I checked the VEVENT info being generated & tweaked to work correctly with Thunderbird/Lightening. I also dropped in the URL of the event in OWA & fixed it for situations where there are public & private names for the OWA/Exchange instance, handy when you want to go and amend an entry etc.
  • The definitive guide to Apache, Subversion & AD LDAP on Debian

    After struggling for ages with different guides on ldap, Apache & Subversion, I found the following guide, and everything just worked after following it. Kudos to Sander. You can read the article in full here. Here’s the: http://www.jejik.com/articles/2007/06/apache_and_subversion_authentication_with_microsoft_active_directory/
  • Making Thunderbird more Mutt like

    I used to be a big mutt fan, but with the growing amount of HTML mail I recieve, it became too much of a chore, combined with the fact that IMAP offline support is a bit kludgy (I’ve used both isync � offlineimap) I abandoned mutt some time ago and move to Thunderbird. Thunderbird has better offline IMAP support, but it’s very mouse driven, but there are some handy extensions that can make it easier to use from the keyboard.
  • Bright Ideas III: Flexible Project Management

    There are lots of different ways of tracking a project (i.e. a list of tasks, dates, calendars, time frames, notes etc), with various tools (MS Project, Basecamp from 37Signals, Google Calendar, Horde and a gazillion other applications and online tools). But so far not all of them manage the ideal all of all of the information everywhere. I would love to have the information spread acoss my PDA (Palm, online � offline), Laptop(Outlook, Thunderbird, online � offline) � web-based online access.
  • Bright Ideas II: Photo Tagging

    I use a mix of photo gallery software, I use Flickrfor some things, notable stuff that’s public for other people to use, I also use Fuzzy Monkey‘s My Photo Gallery, which is simple, but has some neat features (like auto thumbnail generation, keeps photos and thumbnails seperate, allowing me to use Unison/rsync to keep my online photos in sync with an offline copy, simple passwording etc). But I’m beginning to dig tagging, so I hoked about for some web gallery software that does this, and there seems to be a real shortage, I found Originaland a modificationof it that supports tagging, but it mix of php � python, and I couldn’t get my head round all of the Python.
  • Unison, Cygwin & syncing stuff

    I have a Linux VPS account which I use for hosting this and some private photo collections [i.e. personal, not porn!] etc, I used to use Unisonto sync my photo directories between my Linux VPS and my Linux Laptop. I’m currently running Windows XP on my laptop, so I was looking for a way of syncing stuff with my off site storage again, after some playing around with different versions of Unison, I settled on running unison from withing Cygwin.
  • Cut & Shut (I’ve moved to WordPress from Movable Type)

    <p> <code>&lt;?php&lt;br /> require(‘wp-config.php’);<br /> header(‘Content-type: text/plain’);<br /> ?><br /> <MTEntries lastn="999999”><br /> Redirect Permanent /archives/<$MTArchiveDate format=”%Y/%m"$>/<MTArchiveFile><br /> http://www.mccartney.ie/wordpress/&lt;$MTArchiveDate format=”%Y/%m/%d"$>/<?php echo sanitize_title("<$MTEntryTitle$>"); ?></MTEntries><p align="left"> This generates a file that us suitable for using as a <code>.htaccess</code> file, making Apache redirect requests for the old MT URIs to the new WordPress URIs. For the category links, I&#8217;ve just hand crafted the lines, I only had a couple of categories. </p> <p style="font-style: italic;" align="left"> (In writing this post, I&#8217;ve discovered some of the problems with quoting PHP in a PHP based system, so I&#8217;ve started to read <a href="http://codex.